Ericas Jewels

Ericas Jewels

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Born in England in 1954 I represented peace: the coming together of two nations, my mother being German and my father, English.

In 1965 we emigrated to Australia where I married into a German family. My name is Erica and my husbands name is Erich, hence my business name “Erica’s”.

I studied art at Flinders, Sturt College of Advanced Education and then in 194 started my teaching career which spanned 29 years in primary schools. I taught everything and my love for art permeated my classroom.

In 1994 my husband, myself and two children moved to Queensland and tragedy struck. My life became centred around the home and it was during this time that I prayed and my grief turned into beautiful works of art, my necklaces gave me something beautiful to focus on and have now become my passion.

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