Spun Mud by Bec Lindemman

Spun Mud by Bec Lindemman

Categories : Crafts

I am a Ceramic Artist based at Mothar Mountain, in Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia. My Spun Mud Collections feature charming, sculptural, fluid forms and enchanting, decorative retro designs.

The paisley and retro pots are individually thrown on the wheel (powered by solar energy) and decorated with my original, home made screenprinted transfers,then hand painted to finish.

The Stamp bowls are pressed with hand carved clay stamps. The Blue features images, patterns and symbols from pop culture. The Green stamp bowls are developed from the patterns found in the fret work above the doorways and entrances in our beautiful Queenslander homes.

The pots are bisque fired and then gloss fired with a clear glaze to around 1240 degrees in my gas kiln.

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