Kym Barrett

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I use drawing materials with acrylics to create abstract works that subtly reference the natural world – its patterns and processes - as well as things intangible and unseen.

My approach is organic, allowing each piece to evolve with a balance of intuition and thoughtful consideration. Nature’s colours, markings and processes influence my work on canvas and paper, both consciously and unconsciously. A pleasing composition gradually emerges from the addition and subtraction of paint and crayon, with traces of previous marks creating a sense of depth. I want my paintings to be luminous, mysterious and sensitive, but with some element that the viewer can connect with.

Sam Keane

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Sam Keane is an Australian clayworker based in Gympie Queensland. She is concerned with modernity and enjoys the link with traditional craft skills. Two pieces of her decorative work were purchased by the State Gallery of South Australia in 1984.

Sam has been working with clay since 1967 and professionally since 1982. Her influences are of the 50s and 60s with a touch of Art Deco and the Bauhaus Movement. Her emphasis is brightness of colour, with the challenge of originality, including overtones of a sense of fun. She trys to create a different perspective on ceramic art which include porcelain earrings.

Valerie Pettingill.

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I work mainly in watercolour preferrring relics of the past, old vehicles, bridges etc.

I've been fortunate to win awards with these paintings and my works are sold in various outlets.

I live and work in Glenwood and love spending as much time as possible each day exploring the various possibilities with the watercolour medium.

Kerrie Atkins

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Kerrie Atkins winner of this years Heritage Art Competition 2012“I have given 1st prize to Kerrie Atkins for a painting that responds to the theme and it is a very good work with excellent rendering and good perspective. It has a lovely sense of depth and mark making.”

Sandra Ross

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As an artist and teacher, Sandra has studied at both Undergraduate and Post Graduate level in Sydney and Brisbane. FAVOURITE MEDIUMS oils, watercolours, gouache, ink FAVORITE SUBJECTS: landscape and the nude "Based on the Sunshine Coast, I currently love working at the Gympie Regional Gallery as an Education and Public Programs Officer. My studio practice focuses on painting, drawing and mixed media, mainly in the genre of landscape. I am committed to my personal practice through regular exhibitions and entering competitions, often winning prizes." "I hope you enjoy my work that explores the beauty of the natural world." From

DeGuest Photography

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Gary Guest's passion for photography led hime to starting DeGuest Photography. Gary's wonder at the awesomeness of nature and his ingenious use of light produce images so beautiful they your eyes.

Gary's amazing works including fantastic images of the local area will be on display and for purchase at the exhibition

Sherrie Rowan

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A self-taught artist, continuing to develop skills and learn new techniques.

Sherrie says "Colour and Composition (which is the layout or design of your painting, are for me, the two most interesting area's in painting that I am constantly intrigued and challenged by."

"I would describe my style as contemporary impressionism. Oil is my preferred medium, but I also paint in acrytics, pastel and mixed media. My painting subjects are varied, from still Life, Landscape and Portraiture."

Joolie Gibbs

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Joolie Gibbs will be finalising her Masters of Art in Visual Art this year, managing to fit her artwork in between her full time job of coordinating the Gympie Regional Gallery and other community commitments

The talented artist brings many diverse life experiences to her art and her current position has kept her challenged, inspired and in contact with art on a daily basis for the past 13 years.

Joolies main project at present is based around 'Flood Language', inspired by the debris left on the flood line of Kidd Bridge in particular

Barbara Hart

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Piano Pieces

A collection of works inspired by the intricacies of the piano by well known Gypmie regional artist Barb Hart.

Bruce Walker

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We are pleased to exhibit Local Identity Bruce Walker's inlaid Chess Set, jewellery boxes and music stand. Having turned his hand to Woodwork in retirement Bruce is creating beautiful intricate pieces from gorgeous woods for his family to treasure.

John Derksen

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Local craftsman John Derksen's exquisite scale model of Gympie's historic Memorial Park rotunda will be on show for all to marvel at the intricacy of the work.