Mainly Chintz

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We specialise in quality ceramics which includes Moorcroft,Royal Winton ,[where the name Mainly Chintz comes from ], Royal Albert ,Lladro, Beswick and other quality English china as it becomes available.

I have agreed to do a talk on Moorcroft to assist in creating a little extra interest for the attendee’s, it will be a brief history of the company and why it is considered the best modern pottery of our era and what to consider if they want to buy some or the type of things to look for to avoid pitfalls.

We do not have a shop but travel to many Antique fairs to buy and sell our quality items from Rockhampton to Ballarat, we meet some fantastic collectors and search far and wide to find items requested, Roy has even written a couple of articles for the Antiques and collectables magazine on Moorcroft which he enjoyed very much.

Connie Rudd

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I do tend to theme my stand and it is very much in the French style.

In fact “ Oh so French” is my theme for the Christmas fair, which will also include a bit of country.

I have attached some photos taken in my home and some of these bits will be up for sale at the fair as well as lots of really lovely linen, crystal, silver and oriental Ware.

Connie will have a real mixed bag of classy bits and her stands always look great.

Carolyn Fuller

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Pretty Collectables, Antiques, China and Crystal lamps, Glassware and Linen.....

I am a novice as I have only been doing this a very short time. I am feeling my way and enjoying it as there is always so much learning on the way was an exhibitor at Conrad Jupiters and Albert Waterways Gold Coast, Alstonville NSW Toowoomba & Ipswich. So I am looking forward to your Gympie Fair as it is for a wonderful cause also there is such a lovely variety of products to suit everyone

Stirling Design

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Mixing old with new sets a wonderful feel to any room. Owner Karren Bazzan from Stirling Boutiques wonderful eye for style is evident in every hand picked item in their exquisite shop. From vintage pieces of furniture, glorious pictorial rugs and patterned cushions to adorable items of kids clothing you'll love it all.

David Hill - early paisley shawls

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David Hill, an avid collector of Paisley shawls, fascinated his listeners with the history of the pattern and, with the assistance of his wife Anne, showed some of his collection.

The making of Paisley patterns began in the 1600s in India, where they were hand-worked on to fine goat fleece for shawls and worn as status symbols by princes.

The original pattern was based on a sprig of flowers, gradually becoming more stylised as time passed. The scarves caught the imagination of the European population and, by the late 1700s were being made there. They became rare and expensive objects of art. The town of Paisley, near Glasgow in Scotland, began manufacturing the material. From there the name of Paisley became widely used. The fashion of wearing a shawl died out in the late 1800s, as a shawl could not be worn comfortably over a lady’s bustle.

One of the shawls shown by David and Anne was a Kirking Shawl, worn traditionally by a bride on the first day she attended church after her marriage. This was a white shawl with intricate Paisley pattern around the edges.

David and Anne began collecting in 1969 and their first shawl was one made in 1810 from silk.

David was thrilled while doing family research to discover his great-grandfather had lived in Paisley in the very lane where the mill stood.

Abdys Antiques and Collectables

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An eclectic mix of antiques and collectables to browse and buy