Spun Mud by Bec Lindemman

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I am a Ceramic Artist based at Mothar Mountain, in Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia. My Spun Mud Collections feature charming, sculptural, fluid forms and enchanting, decorative retro designs.

The paisley and retro pots are individually thrown on the wheel (powered by solar energy) and decorated with my original, home made screenprinted transfers,then hand painted to finish.

The Stamp bowls are pressed with hand carved clay stamps. The Blue features images, patterns and symbols from pop culture. The Green stamp bowls are developed from the patterns found in the fret work above the doorways and entrances in our beautiful Queenslander homes.

The pots are bisque fired and then gloss fired with a clear glaze to around 1240 degrees in my gas kiln.

Wendy And Friends Hand Crafts

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Beautifully Crafted Hand Crafts from the local region... including linen, patchwork and more

Little Haven Hand Crafts

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The Little Haven Volunteers and supporters work around the clock to produce beautiful handcrafts, jams, christmas goodies galore to make a special gift made with love this Christmas.

Diana Harris has put together this wonderful array of crocheted hand towels, gift baskets, babies booties ...... the list is endless.

Best the money paid on all goods sold goes 100% back into providing specialised palliative care to members of our community.

Cindy Vogels - The Devoted Milliner

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The Devoted Milliner was born in January 2013, following years of custom making hats and fascinators for Family, Friends, and Friends of Friends. After 3 of my Customized pieces placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd at the same event last year at a Melbourne Cup Luncheon, I realized the time had come to give my Gift a name...............The Devoted Milliner.........I look forward to hearing from you when your next special event has you yearning for the perfect customized piece to top off your outfit of choice.

Kris and Richard Arkins

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Don't miss the opportunity to take home some glorious Bromeliads from growers of note ~ Kris and Richard Arkins. Bromeliads are plants of stunning colour both in the foliage and the flower. Flowers are the show-offs of the plant world. Just now palms are in full seed. Dropping seeds into the 'vase' of some bromeliads after the recent prolonged wet has caused problems.